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The Non-Percussive Phone

What is Percussive Maintenance?

Technical objects have developed a programmed behavior, their rejection or indifference to our presence could lead to “rage against the machine.”

My main inspiration behind my first phone object was this video which explored the physical violent behaviors humans have with their technological devices.

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Parks and Recreation 

Anger with technology often results in punching or kicking, even though these physical reactions may appear a bit extreme at first glance. This often happens when digital devices don't operate the way they are supposed to it. Kicking a machine here feels like a restorative way to release some steam and vent one’s rage.

Example inspired by the Curious Rituals Book and study.

So, I began to develop an object that does not allow the user to perform the act of “percussive maintenance”, and not inflict violence on the object. Instead, aiming to produce some of the opposite behaviors, such as affection. 


What Inspired Me

When developing the concept for this object, I thought about materiality, and what types of materials can my phone object be made out of so the user cannot inflict violence upon it. 


I was inspired by the object seen in Hinge ads, that resembles a big fluffy pillow. That prompted my research into soft objects and its behavioral impact on humans.

Hinge Mascot, 2019


Lucy Sparrow created a variety of hand sewn felt objects that resemble real life things, such as these cans of food. This crafty way of approach inspired me to look at other ways phones can be created out of fabric.

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Lucy Sparrow, ‘The Convenience Store’, June 2017